Legislative Alert

The 55th Arizona Legislative Session is in full swing and APLS is monitoring bills that may affect the land surveying profession. Below is a list of bills that APLS is currently watching.

SB 1062

ASCE Government Relations has determined this bill that would effectively allow unlicensed people to practice at the same level as registered professional engineers. By recommending a change of the definition of “engineer”, “engineering practice”, and “professional engineer”, the bill would allow anyone with an engineering education, training and experience to “apply engineering practices and interpret engineering data.”

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HB 2040

This bill mirrors last year's HB 2589 and this year's earlier bill HB 2057, both of which APLS opposed. It would defeat the purpose of the statute (ARS 11-831) and set up the possibility of allowing land splits and building permits on land that does not meet minimum applicable zoning requirements. The HB also creates a ‘buyer beware’ option which is not good public policy. Requiring a survey be conducted for the parcel to be split is necessary for staff review to determine that the size and configuration of resulting parcels meet minimum applicable zoning requirements.

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SB 1304

Transfers regulatory oversight of professional engineers from the Arizona Board of Technical Registration (AZBTR) to the Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA) and a corporate organization designated by ADOA to handle disciplinary issues. Removes statutory requirements relating to engineering practice.

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