2022 Datum

APLS is actively engaged in the effort to prepare for the new national datums planned for release in 2022. Below is information to keep you updated on progress.


New! Click here to download pesentation by Brian Fisher - State Plane Coordinate System for 2022


State Plane Coordinate System - Low Distortion Design

APLS is happy to report that we have met our fundraising goal for the Low Distrortion Design software! Part of this preparation for the 2022 Datum is a redesign of State Plane Coordinate System (SPCS) zones.  APLS raised funds to purchase an annual lease of Low Distortion Projection (LDP) Design Software.  The software will allow APLS members Brian Fisher, and Jack Avis to design SPCS zones that are optimized for Arizona communities.  Brian and Jack are also the co-chairs of the Arizona Geographic Information Council (AGIC) SPCS 2022 Work Group organized to lead this effort.

Special Thanks to the Following Individuals and/or Firms That Have Donated to the LDP Design Software:

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For national information on New Datums in 2022, https://geodesy.noaa.gov/datums/newdatums/index.shtml

For national information specific to SPCS 2022, https://geodesy.noaa.gov/SPCS/policy.shtml

For Arizona specific 2022 Datum & SPCS information email Brian Fisher at GeodesyArizona@gmail.com

Click the links below to download APLS / AGIC Letters to NGS

APLS/AGIC Letter - US Survey Foot (November 2019)

APLS/AGIC Letter - Policy & Procedure Document Comments (August 2018)

APLS Seminar Information

APLS Summer Seminar featured speaker Michael Dennis, Ph.D., PLS. Michael provided informaiton regarding the 2022 Datum and the US Survey Foot.

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